about us

Problem Statement

What We Aim to Solve

India being a fast-growing economy generates nearly 15% of its GDP while employing almost 50% of its workforce. Thus presenting a very dismal figure in terms of the effectiveness of agriculture practice. The use of unskilled labor to compensate for expensive farm machinery, lack of scientific knowledge about plant diseases, and nutrition have contributed largely to this scenario.

We make farmers life better

How We Do

We develop affordable solutions and products for Indian farmers to achieve greater yield from their farms. Further to realize our goal we are in the process of developing solutions to address the needs of farmers at every stage of cultivation starting from sowing to harvesting. 

Smart products that identify the pest/disease in a plant before it infects to other healthy plants, targeted weedicide to promote less use of chemicals.
Artificial Intelligence for continuous learning and generating suggestions such as right fertilizer as per the need of plant, maturity, and the right time to harvest.
Fully Electric Vehicles give us the flexibility to scale according to farmers needs
Know Us

Our Team

Sushanth Masana

Project Manager

Yeshwanth Arcot

AI Divisional Manager

Aditya Peddireddy

Electronics Divisional Manager

Swapnil Sandilya

Tech Lead

Vijay Maddala

CAD Lead

Vijay Kumar G

ML Lead

Sainath Reddy Kotla

Junior Engineer

Sumit Patidar

DataScience Partner

Tarun Nanduri

ML Partner
People Who Support Us

Our Mentors

Masana Agastya Veera Venkata Satyanarayana

Director, Dhi Sathi Robotics Private Limited

Srinivas Chakravarthi Tatina

Founder, Saravana Infra Works

Gangaram Gannta

Organic Farmer, Odisha

Kasi Visweswar Rao Tatina

Farmer, 40+ years