Experience the Power of Artificial Intelligence in your Farm

Our products revolutionize traditional ways of farming. Makes you self reliable with fully Autonomous-Solar Powered Farm Bots.

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Weed and Pest Elimination Robot

Identifies weeds and pests to perform desired operations.

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wireless control

Fully Autonomous mode uses GPS RTK and can be controlled remotely through mobile app.

solar power
Solar Power

350 Watt Solar panel with inbuilt electric charger.                                    

deltoid arms
Deltoid Arms

Flexible Attachments with customizable arms and track width.

real time monitor
Real-Time Monitor

Monitor Crop Health and productivity on Web and Mobile Applications.

Multi Purposes

Customizable Attachments


The Claw

Tills the soil and picks out weeds.


The Sprayer

Targeted Spraying of Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides.


The Chopper

Chops heavy bushes for pruning or weed removal.

Your Benefits

Cost and Energy

minimal human
Minimal Human Intervention

Eliminates Manual Labor and human errors.

Runs on electricity
Runs on Electricity

350 Watt Solar Panels help you reduce your fuel costs.

Higher Operation
Higher Operation Speeds

Operational Ability to perform up-to 2 Acres per day on full charge.

Flexible Attachments

Multiple attachments let you perform different activities.

Low cost
Low Initial Cost

Incur only 20 Percent of heavy farm equipment.

2 year On-Site Warranty

Covers all damages and provide on-site maintenance.

The Charging

Inbuilt Solar Panel and Electric Grid Charger

Equipped with both DC Solar and AC grid charger in order to utilise power of both zero cost renewable energy and reliable grid electricity. Plug in to single phase AC socket and inbuilt charger takes care of the rest.

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Srinivas Chakravarthi Tatina
Founder of Saravana Infra Works

Full-Time Contractor and Part-Time Farmer. Exposed to both hardships and also to the latest technologies in agriculture. The initiator and the main foundation for this start-up. His support is extended to both financial and inspirational.

Gangaram Gannta
Organic Farmer

Successful Organic Farmer from Odisha with 18 years of experience. Implements revolutionary methods in farming. He has been a part of our journey from an idea to PoC. Every decision regarding the specification has been considered only after his consultation and approval.

Kasi Visweswara Rao Tatina
Farmer with 40+ years experience

Farmer with 40 years of experience and knowledge of different plantations. He is the catalyst in every phase of development. Speeds up processes with his experience in every field and connects with relevant industry experts.

Masana Agastya Veera Venkata Satyanarayana
Director of Dhi Sathi Robotics Private Limited

Leads us into the path of perfection and streamlines our focus in the right direction. Guides us with the Market surveys, trends, pricing and all other factors responsible for product launch.

Problem Statement

What We Aim to Solve

India being a fast-growing economy generates nearly 15% of its GDP while employing almost 50% of its workforce. Thus presenting a very dismal figure in terms of the effectiveness of agriculture practice. The use of unskilled labor to compensate for expensive farm machinery, lack of scientific knowledge about plant diseases, and nutrition have contributed largely to this scenario.

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